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Usually, the size of team pack are very high. For this example, I will take my last team bike pack. Inside you can find 15 bikes in 2k quality. The size of this pack reach 156 MB.

After apply this tutorial, it reach only 32MB for the same apparence in Mx Simulator ! A reduction of 80% !

In this tutorial, I will show you how I did it and I hope teams will use theses tips to remove the 1.5GB team pack.


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  1. Apply the tip to reduce the size of your png files : Find the tutorial here
    After this first step, my size have reduced at 53.5MB. But it's possible to reduce again your pack.
  2. This step is only possible if you use the same texture, normal or specular in multiple times in your pack. For example, in my pack, some of my players play on the Husqvarna bike and other play on the Honda bike. But the apparence in the game of my bike is the same : a white yamaha bike like on this banner:
    2018 sx pack.jpg

To add my skin on two dynos, I had to add the JM files, normal and specular maps on theses two dynos : fc450 and crf450.

For the duplicate JM files, I can do nothing. JLV doesn"t allow use to copy them without create full copy of them. But for PNG files, a trick are possible :

  • Import only one time normal and specular make and create fake PNG for duplicate them.

To do that, it's very simple :

  1. Import your normal map as you currently do on your folder : crf450v2016-My Team Pack_norm.png for me.
  2. Create a new txt file (Right click>New>Text Document).
  3. Rename this file with the normal name : fc450v2019-My Team Pack_norm.png for the husqvarna.
  4. Open this file and write : LINK @2018-MTF-SX-Bike/crf450v2016-My Team Pack_norm.png
    The trick are here ! The first part in green is the exact name of your folder where you have added your normal map and JM files. The second part in orange is the exact name of the PNG file you want duplicate.
  5. Save and close the file
  6. Rename the file and remplace the ".txt" by ".png
  7. Go back on the 1. and do the same with the spec file or all png file you want duplicate.
  8. Congratulation, you duplicate png files are very light : only 1 kB, 1000 times less than normal PNG file.