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Mx Simulator is not really optimized. If you have tryied to add lot of skins in your game, you could faced with the "Our of Virtual Memory" error.

This error appear when you graphic card is overload.

The solution to keep your mods : reduce the size of each files. The easier is png files.

Do you see the diference between these three husqvarna diffuses ?

The big difference is the size of file :

  • The first was saved in 4k with the normal format: 6.19MB
  • The second was saved in 4k with optimized format: 3.05MB
  • The last was saved in 2k with optimized format: 1.08MB

In this tutorial, I will show you how to save your file with low size without quality loss.


- Photoshop*

- Template

This tutorial will made on Photoshop CC 2019 but you can find the same option on other version or on GIMP.


Usually, when you want export in PNG your textures (norm, spec and diffuse), you use the "normal" way : File > Save as > Format file : PNG

I will show you another way to export your file in the same format : PNG but with lower size.

  1. Click on File > Export > Export As... | Or press : Alt+Shift+Ctrl+W. A new window will be open

  1. Verify details of saved : Smaller File (8-bit) : Checked | Metadata : None | Color Space : Convert to sRGB

  1. (Optional) If you want to reduce more the size of you file. You can switch the Image Size > Scale to 50%. The difference in Mx Simulator will be only visible if you make close-up shot of your bike.
  2. Click on Export.
  3. Choose your directory and the name of your file
  4. Click on saved.
  5. Congratulation, you have create a beautiful skin with lower size.
  6. Go back on the 1. and saved your norm and spec with the same process.
  7. Congratulation, your skin will be super easy to load on Mx Simulator