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A variety of programs are typically used for different things within Mx Simulator. Most has to do with content creation, as the game itself only requires the game to be installed as well as graphic drivers.

Image Editing


Adobe Photoshop is the most common image editing software. Both for track making as well as skinning. Most templates available is .psd format, which is a Photoshop format. .psd cannot be read by the game, so they must be saved as .png instead.


GIMP is a free open source editing software, comparable to Photoshop. GIMP can open .psd files, but may lose some functionality.

Track Editing


Notepad++ is a free open source software designed for coding. This is useful when editing track files such as decals or statues. .saf files can be opened in order to see the names of skins for example, but Notepad++ can not unpack a .saf file.


These programs can also be used for track editing, both for creating a displacement heightmap as well as editing decals and statue texture.


Is solely used to render shadows once a track is finished with all objects placed.



Blender is a free open source modeling and rendering software. Other modeling softwares can be used, but has to be opened and exported in Blender, since the export script is made for Blender.

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a professional and advanced editing software.

Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is a professional and advanced editing software.

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a beginner friendly editing software, a bit more advanced than "Windows Movie Maker", yet still a very basic feature set.



The most popular software today, both for streaming and recording. It's free to use with good features.


Nvidia shadowplay can only be used with Nvidia GPU's. Shadowplay can both stream and record. Their stand out feature is background recording. It'll record the screen in the background, if you do something worth saving you can hit the command and it'll save the last given time, last 3 minutes for example.


Fraps was for a long time the most common recording soeftware. The software also has a FPS counter build into it. Fraps is easy to use and straightforward but can yield large file sizes.



WinRAR is the most common archiving program famous for having a never ending trial period. The most common extension for community archives is .rar.


7-Zip is similar to WinRAR as both are handling archives.

.zip files

Most operating systems have an option to create .zip files built into them, they can also unpack these archives without any additional software.

Propietary for Mx Simulator

SAF Creator

There's a common GUI based SAF Creator for Windows and a script for Mac/Linux systems.


The scram software encrypts the file so it's content remains hidden. This is to protect template textures mainly.