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There are a number of different commands available via the chatbox in Mx Simulator. Default key to bring up the chatbox is 't'.


/writesetup <setupname>

Saves your current setup.

/readsetup <setupname>

Reads your specified setup.

Listing files and folders

/listfiles <file>

List files from your search term. Example to view the content of your setup folder:

/listfiles setups



Saves the trackinfo file from the track currently being played. The trackinfo file is saved to your personal folder.


/namedemo <demoname>

Must have "record demo" set to "yes" in the New Race menu in order to be able to save demos.

/demobackups <1-10>

Saves the specified amount of demos. If you set it to 5, it will save the 5 demos coming, then keep the 5 latest demos. It will not restore past demos.



Allows spectating other players. Enable this, then use the keys bound to "next bike" and "previous bike".


Shows the current speed.


Shows the time.


Shows FPS counter.


Shows suspension graph.

Replay camera


Adds a key with the current view.


Deletes the last key.


Toggles the camera to the keys given.

Track editing


Reloads changes files. Does NOT load new files added to the folder, only reloads files that are normally changed once the track is saved.



Show the FPS history since the game was startes or this command last was invoked.

Message Lines

/messagelines <number>

How many lines of text chat you want to see when playing. Default is 5 lines, 0 lines hides it.