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On Mx Simulator, you can save your setups and switch between them very easily.

You can saved as many as you want setups.


  • Nothing


  1. Define your different values for your setup in the game
  2. Open the chat with "T"
  3. write "/writesetup <name>" to save your setup. Replace <name> by the name of your setup (don't use space on it). The setup will save all your configuration : Name + Number + All Bike Setup informations (Bike, Name, Number, suspension, stability, ...).
  4. write "/readsetup <name>" to load your setup. Your setup with directly apply and you don't need to restart the race.


  • You can find the list of your setup and edit them in your personnal folder>setups. Open files with Notepad++ for example.
  • You can clean your setups to just saved specific values. For example : "Suspension and gearing" :
  1. Go in your personnal folder>setups
  2. Open the setup you want clean with Notepad++
  3. Delete all unwanted lines (bike, name, number, rider_texture, ...)
  4. Save and close the file
  5. Use "/readsetup <name>" to apply the remaining informations